Laboratory owned by Fisheries and Marine Sciences Faculty:

1. Hydrobiology Laboratory

2. Fish Cultivation Laboratory

3. Technology of Fishery Products Laboratory

4. Exploitation of Fishery and Marine Resources Laboratory

5. Exploration of Fishery and Marine Resources Laboratory

6. Fisheries Socio-Economic Laboratory

7. UPT. Freshwater Fishery, Sumber Pasir

8. UPT. Brackishwater and Marine Fishery, Probolinggo

9. UPT. Marine Station, Sendang Biru

Meanwhile, to support the needs of practicum and completion of final task thesis student study program Technology of Fishery Products there are 3 Division of Laboratory that can support and relate to PS. Technology of Fishery Products

1. Fisheries Products Safety Division

2. Fish Nutrition Division

3. Engineering of Fishery Products Division

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