Students and staff (lecturers) especially in Fisheries And Product Technology (THP) is the main target, so it is expected that there is the same understanding between lecturers and students in achieving the objectives of the study program (short and long term). Achievement strategies are conducted by: improving the quality of human resources through further study both S-2 and S-3 in and outside the country and facilitating THP lecturers to participate in scientific meetings both nationally and internationally. In addition to training to improve the quality and soft skills both lecturers and students.

A. Short Term

1. Conduct educational and teaching process activities with target pass on time (4 years) of 50% with GPA> 3.

2. Conducting research and development activities of science and technology by students and faculty aimed at improving students’ self-capacity and for meeting the needs of fisheries and marine communities both in the form of research journals as well as intellectual property rights.

3. Conducting services to the community in the form of community service in the form of consultation, training and pilot in marine and fishery technology in the framework of community empowerment and business development and entrepreneurship.

4. Implementation of learning system based on Student Center Learning and Problem Based Learning.

5. Fostering and collaborating with stakeholders, both from the industry as alumni users, domestic and foreign educational institutions as partners of education development and government institutions in collaboration and joint research.

B. Long Term

Building professional network between PS THP and the world of work covers the private sector (business, cooperative and finance), non-governmental organization, community element, research institutions, educational institutions, Asia and Global level.

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