Educational objectives in the Study Program are:

1. To produce qualified graduates / qualified graduates in the field of Marine and Fishery Product Technology, entrepreneurial spirit, and able to plane and develop environmentally friendly fishery industry technology

2. Produce graduates / graduates who have the ability to communicate and  coorperate in multidisciplinary groups by untilizing information and communication technology according to their scientific fields.

3. Conducting education to international standard in S1 study program to answer real problems of development in the field of Technology of Fishery Products.

4. Developing science and technology in the field of Technology of Fishery Products that compete nationally, regionally, and globally.

5. Publish the result of science and technology development research in the field of Fishery Product Technology that is beneficial to the community, nation and state.

6. Establish networking and synergic cooperation with external stakeholder in order to improve the quality of education.

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